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For Coursework, Mixed-mode and Research mode programmes, there are two intakes for each academic session which is in September for the first semester and February for the second semester. However there are some programmes which are not opened for second semester intake.

For Clinical Masters intake will be in June only. The deadline to submit an application on 30th June for September intake and 30th November for February intake.

The requirements for programmes can be found at the AASC website https://aasc.um.edu.my

All applications must be submitted online via e-application.  Please click here

In general, candidate must possess the MUET with at least Band 3 and for international candidate must possess at least:

A minimum score of band 5.5 for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Academic); or

A minimum score of 550 for paper-based total (PBT), a score of 213 for computer- based total (CBT) or a score of 8 for internet-based total (iBT) for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

International candidates from English speaking countries or who completed their high school in native English speaking countries are not required in providing evidence of English language proficiency.

The duration of study of:


2 semesters minimum

8 semesters maximum

Clinical Masters

4 years minimum

7 years maximum


4 semesters minimum

12 semesters maximum

Only one programme for every application processing fee paid.

Yes, candidate may defer his admission with the permission of the Dean of the Faculty. Application should be made to the dean and send it via email/ official letter. The deferment is only valid for 6 months or 1 semester. Candidate shall reapply to the programme again if the deferment period is over.

No, student is not allowed to change the programme either before his registration or during his studies. He should decline the offer or if he was registered, he should withdraw from the programme and apply again to another programme.

Student shall register at least minimum 3 credits in each semester (not applicable for by research mode programme).

Registration will be done at the AASC’s office within the first 2 weeks of the semester. Failure to register without approval to defer shall result in the cancellation of the admission offer. However, by Research Mode candidate is allow to register from week 1 to week 14 of the semester

Yes, student may defer his studies for a particular semester with a reasonable excuse and with the approval of the Dean of the Faculty. Application should be made to the Dean within the first seventh week of the semester.

Fees paid are not refundable if the withdrawal is done after second week of the semester. The semester will be counted in the maximum period of study except if the withdrawal is based on the medical reason.

New registered student is not allowed to defer the study except for medical reason which is supported by the report from the qualified/ registered medical officer.

Yes, student may withdraw from the course (s) within the first seventh week of the semester and fees paid is not refundable if withdrawal is done after the second week of the semester.

Student who withdrew from the course (s) without proper process will be given an F grade although he has not attended the course (s) for the whole semester.

Yes, student can do late registration upon getting approval from the dean and it is not later than week seven of the semester. Penalty will be imposed for late registration.

Yes, there is provision for credits transfer either on horizontal or vertical basis. Horizontal is referring to same level of degree like master to master while vertical is from master to doctorate. The application shall be made directly at the faculty for further evaluation and approval.

Student must register in every semester and failure to register continuously shall lead to termination of the candidature and his name will be automatically removed from the university’s registration list.

Yes, if only the student is not exceeding the maximum period of study.

Yes. Student may write an official letter to the Dean of Faculty for further consideration and approval.

Student shall notify the Dean of the Faculty by writing an official letter or email.

Yes. For research mode programme, student may apply for the same program but in different field of research and supervisor (s). However the university has the right to accept the readmission or ortherwise. Should his application is successful he shall not be entitled for any credit transfer.

Last Update: 14/10/2021