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Welcome to AASD

The Academic Administration & Services Department (AASD) was set up with the objective of centralising all academic services for local and international students for both undergraduate & postgraduate levels, serving as the central platform & one stop centre for this very purpose. This initiative is geared towards providing a streamlined & consolidated service to all students with regards to their academic matters in order to ease the process involved while making it easier for both students & staff to manage as well as conduct the necessary services needed for the academic framework. This new central platform will be tasked to provide an efficient service with the utilisation of holistic and comprehensive outlook while maintaining a perspective pillared on the values of efficiency, integrity, professionalism, commitment & problem-solving initiatives for the benefit of all students & stakeholders. This is the main aspiration that we will always uphold in working together towards greater excellence in line with the motto "TOGETHER WE SERVE".

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Executive Director's Office 

Academic Administration and Services Department (AASD),
Examination Building,
University of Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
 telephone  +603-7967 3282
 fax  +603-7967 3581
 email  pengarah_aasc@um.edu.my


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Last Update: 24/09/2022