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1. Verification Letter / Reissuance of Academic Scroll

(1) Verification letter will be issued to UM graduates (upon request) for specified purposes eg. Sponsors/Employers' requirement for study, job placement, etc.

(2) For graduates (Class of 2015 and before):

  • In the event of missing/damaged scrolls, graduates need to provide proof of police report for such request to reprint/replace the original academic scrolls (if needed).
  • Application can be only processed upon completion and submission of the required document by the graduates.

2. Processing Periods





   Bachelor’s Degree under the Semester System (beginning from year 2000)

  3 working days


   Bachelor’s Degree under the Term System (before year 2000)

  7 working days


   Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree

  7 working days


Universiti Malaya Convocation Ceremony I Representative’s Authorization Form for Collection of Academic Scroll and Transcripts 

(Applicable during Convocation Ceremony only) I Download form

To follow UM Convocation Schedule


  Reissuance/reprint of Bachelor's Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree (Class of 2015 and before)

*7-14 working days 

*Note: Subject to completion of the document/case-by-case

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Effective from 1 November 2023, any application that reaches us within ONE MONTH from the date of the upcoming convocation ceremony will be processed after the completion of the ceremony (duration of ceremony: 2 weeks). Please visit umconvo.um.edu.my for more details.

(1) Student records are confidential and are not released without the written consent of the student, unless required by law.

(2) Please complete the APPLICATION FOR GRADUATE VERIFICATION FORM and submit via email at verify_um@um.edu.my.

(3) Your signature on this form allows the Examination and Graduation Division to issue the above-requested information to the party/parties specified above.

3. Enquiries

For enquiries, please contact the Examination and Graduation Division via verify_um@um.edu.my.

Best Wishes,

Examination and Graduation Division I Academic Administration and Services Department

31 Oct 2023

Last Update: 24/11/2023