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Students register for courses through the website: https://maya.um.edu.my

A student is required to register for courses in accordance with the stage of programme of study that has been prescribed. The stage of study is determined by the number of credits that have been completed by the student as in the following:

  • Beginning stage (35 credits and below): Week 1
  • Middle stage (36-75 credits): 1 week before commencement of semester
  • Final stage (76 credits and above): 2 weeks before commencement of semester
  • New Student: Orientation Week

The maximum number of credits that can be taken by a student is 22 credits in the Normal Semester and 11 credits in the Special Semester. The number of credits does not include credits for the audit courses. In a semester where a student is placed under an Academic Probationary Period, the student concerned is not allowed to register for more than 15 credits for the Normal Semester and 9 credits for the Special Semester.

A student who does not register within the period prescribed for the semester concerned and fails to respond by Friday on the seventh lecture week shall be recorded as “Not Registered”. Students who fail to register continuously for a period of two (2) semesters with the University shall cease to be a student and his studies can be terminated.

Yes. A student is only allowed to withdraw from a semester after he has undergone at least one semester of his programme of study unless it is due to medical reasons. Application to withdraw from a semester must be made to the Dean of the Faculty. A withdrawal from a semester on personal reasons is only allowed for a period of two semesters throughout the duration of his study.

Application for withdrawal from a semester on medical reasons must be supported by a medical report issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner from the University Student Health Clinic/Government Hospital/University of Malaya Medical Centre/Teaching Hospital/Private Medical Centre or relevant documentary proof. Applications must be made to the Deputy Vice Chancellor concerned through the Dean of the Faculty.

Applications must be made to the Dean of the Faculty of the programme of study no later than Friday of the fourth lecture week of the Normal Semester in accordance to the procedure prescribed by the University. Applications received beyond the specified period will be considered in the subsequent semester.

Last Update: 28/10/2021